Shooting Without Bullets' programming is designed to eliminate barriers faced by Black and brown youth in the arts and society. We facilitate opportunities for education and experience in the arts, create space for youth to process and respond to complex issues and experiences of social injustice and inequity, and advocate for Black and brown youth, artists, and communities in Cleveland and beyond.

artist collective

Emerging multidisciplinary artists ages 18-21 receive education, support and mentorship as they contribute their talents and perspectives to SWOB productions. Agency projects serve as experiential learning opportunities, allowing these young Black and brown artists to gain experience, income and exposure in preparation for creative careers.


Shooting Without Bullets designs and delivers intensive art + social justice mini courses to youth ages 12-17. Minicourses introduce young artists to creative disciplines such as film photography and public art as we collaboratively explore topics of social justice.

public engagements

SWOB produces and participates in public engagements as opportunities to cultivate community, culture and conversation. Artworks, artists and directors are available for brand and media features, public talks, events and space activations. The agency produces and participates in multimedia exhibitions, installations, performances, screenings, short-term programming, and activations.