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Shooting Without Bullets (noun)

1 An alternative arts ecosystem

A responsive and creative intervention to address, refuse, and eliminate inequities in the arts and society.

3 Advances movement toward justice as it centers Black and brown youth, artists, and communities.

4 Uses art and creative strategies as tools for social movement.


SWOB operates as a Creative Agency and Production Company, using cutting-edge cultural production to amplify bold messages of social justice and racial equity while promoting art and creative strategies as tools for social movement in Cleveland and beyond. Through a team of Black and Brown youth, justice-minded artists, and a network of freelance creatives, SWOB produces original multimedia artworks, campaigns, and products spanning the mediums of photography, music, apparel, public art, design, video, and more.

artistic education + development

Through programming, SWOB seeks to eliminate barriers faced by Black and brown youth in the arts and society. SWOB nurtures artists ages 12-21, primarily through its artist collective and minicourses. The Shooting Without Bullets artist collective is comprised of emerging multidisciplinary Cleveland artists ages 18-21 interested in careers in creative industry. Collective members engage in experiential learning opportunities through agency projects, while receiving support and mentorship from SWOB leadership. SWOB creates intensive art and social justice-related minicourses for Black and Brown youth ages 12 – 17. Minicourses introduce young artists to disciplines such as film photography and public art while exploring topics of social justice.

activism + advocacy

Shooting Without Bullets uses artistic activism in efforts to shift culture, policy, and perspective around issues of justice and equity in the arts and society. The organization positions its art, activations, and programs to create and support social movement. Through cultural organizing, strategic partnerships, public programs, and advocacy, SWOB aims to increase awareness, education, and action around injustices affecting Black and brown youth and communities.