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Shooting Without Bullets operates as a nonprofit Creative Agency and Production Company, using visionary cultural production to amplify bold messages of social justice and equity.
SWOB produces art, programs, and activations independently and for aligned brands, institutions and entities.  With a team of Black and brown youth, justice-minded artists and creatives, the agency creates original multimedia artworks, installations, space activations and products spanning the mediums of photography, public art, design, video, music, apparel, and more. Agency projects provide opportunities for income, experiential learning, and networking for members of SWOB's artist collective.
SWOB Artist Collective

OUR work


A capsule collection created in response to uprisings in Cleveland and beyond. The designs, conceptualized by SWOB’s Artist Collective, embrace experiences of tension as a necessary part of change, and encourage autonomy over mind, body, and spirit as essential to freedom. Through the production process, these young artists developed a deeper understanding of how to take socially conscious apparel design from concept to market, as they participated as both makers and models. Designed by Carly Heywood, Created in Partnership with Xhibiton. 


A public gallery, lounge and retail space conceptualized and activated by SWOB’s Artist Collective and collaborating artists. Recognizing that methods and expressions of play for marginalized youth, particularly youth of color, are historically and pervasively criminalized and suppressed, We Made It. counters this narrative and asserts that joy and recreation should be prioritized and enabled. Powered by Xhibition and PUMA.


A public art initiative to uplift Cleveland’s Black history as it highlights and encourages virtues of civic engagement. In Our DNA celebrates the trailblazing contributions of historic Black Clevelanders and envisions Cleveland as a model city for social transformation, with Black and Brown residents leading the way. Created in partnership with Cleveland Votes and Third Space Action Lab.


A social justice campaign, original song and music video created to increase civic engagement in young voters and support Ohio’s 2018 state ballot Issue 1, a constitutional amendment with significant implications for criminal justice transformation. Inspired by Malcolm X’s “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech, “WAKE UP.” tells of individual and collective struggles with systemic oppression and serves as a rousing call for us to open our eyes and work against the oppressive systems that threaten our communities.


SWOB produces multimedia exhibitions and installations for cultural institutions, public space, pop-up activations and more.