Noelle Richard, Morgan Shellenberger, Amanda King, Jacob Koestler

Documentary Short

UNDEREXPOSED brings visibility to black youth perspective in Cleveland. This documentary short chronicles the lives of ten teen artists as they find solace in art making and performing as members of Shooting Without Bullets. This coming of age story illuminates the beautiful struggle in their discovery of self in the midst of extreme economic depression and stark racial segregation.

Directed by: Noelle Richard & Morgan Shellenberger

Produced by: Amanda King and Jacob Koestler

Voices by: Charles, Genesis, Imani, Jasmine, JB, Lailai, Leilani, Los P,  Tara, Triiio.

To host a screening of UNDEREXPOSED in your community contact amanda@shootingwithoutbullets.org

Mixxed Rose (Tara)