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Amanda King, Creative Director of Shooting Without Bullets

Amanda King, Creative Director of Shooting Without Bullets



For conceptual artist and activist Amanda King (b.1989), art is a means of expression and a vehicle through which she accomplishes community work. Her photo work explore themes of race, gender, socioeconomics, trauma, family, and community. Through the lens of her camera, she tells stories of disadvantaged communities and the societal forces that oppress them. King’s work weaves together elements of socially engaged art, futurism and tableau to bring awareness to her subjects’ struggles and to authentically represent their inner diversity. Amanda curates exhibitions and installations that pay homage to the social environments where her subjects live and helps the viewer to reimagine blackness in a way that liberates us all.

 In addition to creating art, Amanda has dedicated her career to advocating for adolescents and underrepresented communities. Amanda is Founder and Creative Director of Shooting Without Bullets, an arts program that provides a framework for black and brown youth in Cleveland to develop and utilize their artistic voice to process the complex social issues affecting their lives and communities.

Amanda received her B.A. in Art History from Bryn Mawr College (2011) and a J.D. from Case Western Reserve University School of Law (2017), where she focused on Race and Law, Constitutional Law, Juvenile Law, and the Philosophy of Law. She has been recognized by the Case Western Reserve University School of Law for using her public platform and creative talents to advocate for juvenile justice and police accountability. She is the recipient of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award for following, in character and conduct, the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; the Diane Ethics award for demonstrating exemplary understanding of the ethics and ideals of the legal profession in academic, professional and extracurricular activities; and the Dean’s Award for Community Service for her commitment to enriching the lives in the Greater Cleveland Area and serving as an example to others.


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