Photography As Social Revolution.

Shooting Without Bullets is Clevelands revolutionary youth photovoice and free camera program.

Shooting Without Bullets emerges in response to police violence against youth across the country, especially in Cleveland.

While navigating the complex issues of systematic racism, police violence, and discrimination is difficult for everyone, this is exceedingly true for youth, who often do not have the historical knowledge, coping skills, or benefits of being able to have open, honest dialogue. 

  Shooting Without Bullets focuses identity development in black and brown teens through photography, expressive arts healing, and open-dialogue. The program assists youth to process complex social problems experienced by them, including police encounters and provides an expressive platform for them to inform and impact criminal and juvenile justice related reform.

In pursuance of centralizing the voices of young people in reform processes, Shooting Without Bullets hosts bi-annual art exhibitions that highlight the experiences of teens that are not heard in public decision-making processes and gives them a fair chance to speak for themselves through artistic expression.

By giving young people a fair chance to speak for themselves through photovoice, we bridge the broader concerns and views of youth with current efforts in our community to reform how police treat young people. 

Amanda King (b. 1989 in Pittsburgh, PA) is the Founder + Creative Director of Shooting Without Bullets. She is a change agent in the Cleveland police reform process. She serves as the youth advocate on the Cleveland Community Police Commission. Amanda received her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College in Art History (2011) and is a J.D. Candidate at Case Western Reserve University School of Law (2017). She is an artist who uses her talents to create diverse ways to convey important social justice issues to the community. Prior to attending law school, Amanda worked as a fashion editorial assistant in New York City. Amanda's work has been published in F.Y! and Vibe. 

She runs the program together with Makela Hayford and Shemariah Arki.

For media inquiries, bookings, prints or collaboration please email Amanda, amanda@shootingwithoutbullets.org